A Plethora of New Xbox Series X Releases

We got a few sneak peeks at Series X gameplay via a “series” (pun fully intended) of short tech demos. Although no official release date for the Xbox Series X has been announced, it is expected to debut later this year.

The recent game launches specifically highlighted during the stream included the gorgeously atmospheric Ori and the Will of the Wisps, team-based brawler Bleeding Edge, and the updated State of Decay 2: Juggernaut Edition. All three are available for Xbox Game Pass for both console and PC.

Apex Legends announced a new event, The Old Ways, which is available now. It features the character Bloodhound and allows players to work together to earn a host of new items, including twelve new skins.

High-speed racer Forza Street will launch for both iOS and Android on May 5. Pre-registration is available now via Google Play and the Samsung Galaxy Store. Playing Forza Street any time between May 5 and June 5 will earn you the exclusive 2017 Ford GT, a rare, powerful car – although the stream host did, unfortunately, clarify that the car will be given out in-game only, and not in real life!

Xbox continues to show its dedication to supporting fans during the quarantine. Gears 5 will be available through April 12 for Xbox Gold members and on Steam. Playing during the free period will earn you the exclusive Dave Batista skin and Batista Bomb finishing move.

Co-op adventure game Minecraft Dungeons is primed for release on May 26. In addition, the Minecraft team has added new free educational content to the Minecraft Marketplace. Explore famous landmarks, learn to code and build fractals, and even visit the International Space Station as part of a collaboration with NASA.

Later on in the stream, gamers got a look at all the exciting adventures in store for pirate-themed adventure Sea of Thieves’ April Update. Entitled Ships of Fortune, the update will allow players to become emissaries of one of the game’s many trading companies. Working for a trading company will allow players to both improve their reputation and earn exclusive cosmetics. Plus, a brand new trading company, Reaper’s Bones, has joined the world of Sea of Thieves. Players who choose to become emissaries of Reaper’s Bones will be tasked with destroying other emissaries’ ships as they pursue dominion over the seas.

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The competitive arena mode will also be updated. Treasure maps will be replaced with more easily viewable Treasure Chests. Matches will also be shortened from 24 to 15 minutes. Plus, some tune-ups to combat will make competitive matches even more action-packed than ever before. Best of all, defeated pirates will now have a short period of time during which they can be revived by their teammates.

Finally, new items will be available for purchase in the Pirate’s Emporium, including your very own pet cat who will accompany you on your adventures! Every pirate absolutely needs an adorable fuzzy companion!

Sea of Thieves is available via Xbox Game Pass for both console and PC. It is also planned to release on Steam in the future. The Ships of Fortune update will debut April 22.

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