Free games for the month of February from Microsoft on Xbox Live

February is a time for love and remembering presidents. But of course, Microsoft thinks it’s a time to kill zombies and play as plastic green men. But that’s cool with me, since those are my two favorite pass times. But what makes them even more awesome is that the zombie killing and the playing as toy soldier is FREE! You can download Dead Island for free if you have a Gold Membership on Xbox 360. The offer goes on from February 1st through February 16th. A whole new deal begins on that day with Toy Soldiers: Cold War going free from February 16th to February 28th. Where you play as, what else, a toy soldier in the cold war. Creative idea,I know. These games are going free because Microsoft’s program known as “Games For Gold”. A service only offered to Gold members,who can download two free games a month from Xbox live.

So what your waiting for? There are free games out there. Go download them NOW!


Dead Island : Available for free on Xbox Live from February 1st-16th


Toy Soldiers:Cold War: Available for free on Xbox Live from February 16th-28th


Most people’s vacation


My type of vacation

Source: Xbox Wire.

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