Kickstarter is full of amazing ideas for game design, and allows the public to vote with their wallet on what they want to see made, rather than leaving the decision in the hands of a publisher. To that end I’d like to introduce a new series of articles for Gameluster: our new Kickstarter Spotlight series will take a look at the games that are seeking funding that may interest you, and most definitely EARN that interest.

Starting off this week we have Cradle, which is being developed by Mojo Game Studios. This open-world title features a unique and beautiful fantasy world brought to life through Crytek’s Cryengine.


Players will take on the role of a lone traveller, pulled into an ancient struggle between humanity and the gods. The game features a dynamic combat system and character progression based on skill and exploration, allowing players to take advantage of the resources in the world to create life-saving salves or find powerful Augments for weapons and armor.

Speaking of the world, the game features five distinct environments that are designed to enhance the game’s story and create an immersive universe for players to explore. Check out some concept art!

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At time of writing, the game has 17 days left on its Kickstarter Campaign, so head on over there to read more and back it if you want. If successful, the game is slated for release in the summer of 2016. This is definitely one to keep an eye on.

For further reading, I direct you to their official game website where you can learn more about the game and check out even more of their gorgeous concept art:

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