Free-To-Play Loadout Reaches Two Million Players In Two Weeks

Speaking in a Press Release last week, Edge of Reality CEO Rob Cohen said that “The near-overnight success of Loadout has been simultaneously humbling and exhilarating.” The title has had over two million users sign up within the first two weeks since launch, and it still growing!

Loadout is a free-to-play FPS that features a zany, over the top art style and gore, alongside a deep weapon-crafting system that boasts a wide array of playstyles based on a character’s custom loadout. Players can customize and name their own guns, and no classes, with the weapons themselves defining the way a character plays.

The game features micro-transactions in the form of starter packs and aesthetic differences, but is an extremely enjoyable, zany experience even if you don’t spend a cent.The developers are also committed to interacting with their community, even hosting regular livestreams showcasing upcoming gameplay tweaks and content.

Cohen said that the community response “shattered all our expectations,” with so many concurrent users in its launch window that the developer had to set up additional infrastructure to support the player base, which still proved insufficient. they are currently working on making sure that the servers can handle the game’s new-found popularity, promising players a “fluid, responsive and enjoyable experience across the board.”

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