Free Xbox 360 4GB with Purchase of PC

Microsoft’s “Buy a PC, get an Xbox 360” deal has returned for all of the starving college students in the United States and Canada.

Starting on May 20th,  U.S. students can get a free Xbox 360 4GBwhen paired with a PC purchase of $699 or up at a participating retailer. Canadian students can get a free 4GB Xbox 360 when picked up alongside a Windows PC valued at $599 or more on May 18th (Today).

“Participating retailers in the US include Best Buy,, Fry’s Electronics,, Microsoft Stores, and

In Canada, they include Best Buy,, Future Shop, Staples and The Source.

Please note that participating retailers and terms and conditions may change over the course of the promotion.”

To take advantage of the deal, valid student identification must be provided.



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