Another Round of Wii U Rumors

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Wii U OS has an element that is ‘huge, surely never seen before on a normal home system’
Nintendo has reserved a certain amount of memory around 512mb just for the Wii U OS
seems to be the biggest software layer seen on this kind of platform
OS could see some tweaks to free up more memory for devs

insider claims that Wii U probably won’t change name
insider has seen something “green and white” relating to Wii U
Nintendo’s Wii U trademark issue in England most likely cleared up
“Seems indy studio Empty Clip Studios (Groovin’ Blocks) and their RapidFire Engine (multiport) are on Wii U.”

FACT-“From the profile of a TT Fusion (LEGO City) Art progammer: ‘This is going to be the exclusive launch title for the brand new Wii-U and Wii-2!’ … Also, 34 [artists] working on LEGO City”s
FACT- Peter Moore quote: “Its online capabilities are really extensive, too, so we’ll be able to differentiate ourselves from the competition more easily with our sports lineup.”
FACT- Sega Australia employee’s linkedin profile: “Developing downloadable licensed & original IP for… Wii U”
FACT-“GameStop is already prepared to help launch the first of these new consoles — Nintendo’s Wii U. As it’s poised to be the first new machine of the gate, the Wii U will mark the beginning of the new hardware cycle, and GameStop has already devised its launch strategy to take advantage of the eventual spike in hardware sales.”

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