Fun Things to Do in GTA 5 – GTA V Entertainment Guide

GTA 5 is a game that attracts players from all over the world. In addition to the main plot, users are offered many fun activities. The amount of entertainment has expanded significantly with the launch of GTA 5 Online. In almost every update, the developers have something new for the players.

Today we will talk about how to have fun in GTA 5. Consider the main activities that are available to offline and online players.

Casino Diamonds

Without exaggeration, the update that added Diamonds to the game has become the most significant for the entire universe. The players immediately have a lot of exciting entertainment to do. Now you can experience all the excitement when visiting a casino right in front of your computer or at the gaming console.

Statuses of Participants in the Casino

Any player entering the casino for the first time must pay a $500 membership fee. After that, you will become a standard casino member without privileges.

To obtain VIP status, you must purchase a penthouse in the complex. Status holders get access to high-limit tables, and they can also buy more chips from the cashier.


In the game, 1 game chip is equivalent to one game dollar. Once every 24 hours, any player can pick up 1000 free chips from the cashier. There are limits to buying chips:

  • For regular players – 20,000 chips every 48 minutes;
  • For VIP players – 50,000 chips every 48 minutes.
Table Games

At Diamond Casino, using the games currency, you can play blackjack, for real money blackjack you’ll have to visit a real casino. You can also play roulette, and three-card poker in the GTA casino. In roulette, you bet on what value will fall after the wheel stops. In card games, you try to win to the dealer.

All games are played exclusively against the dealer. You will not be able to play with real players, even if they sit at the same table.

Wheel of Fortune

Once a day, you can try your luck with the wheel of fortune, which is installed in the center of the Diamonds’ casino hall. You can spin the wheel for free. The main prize is a car. It is installed in a display case, and the models constantly change.

Other rewards include experience points, dollars, and discounts on clothes and cars.

Slot Machines

The simplest form of entertainment is to place a bet, start a spin and wait for the winning combination to fall out. Everything here is like in a real casino. The probability of winning depends on the return coefficient of a particular slot.


The game has a virtual racing format, although there is a real hippodrome behind the casino. You must determine your favorite among the horses on the screen and place your bet. If the horse reaches the finish line first, you will collect your winnings.


What else can you do in GTA 5

The list of activities in GTA 5 is endless. You can rob stores, steal cars from random passers-by, attack drug labs, and much more. We have selected a few more activities for you that you might like.

Visit Rides and Cinemas

Are you tired of constant gunfights and chases? It’s time to take up peaceful pursuits. The game has an amusement park, similar to the famous Coney Island in New York. Here you can ride the Ferris wheel and the roller coaster.

Another peaceful activity is visiting cinemas. They show several animated videos made in the ironic style inherent in the GTA series.

Move Into the Body of an Animal

Are you tired of playing familiar characters? Take a hallucinatory journey into the body of an animal. To do this, you need to find and eat a peyote plant.

In total, 27 such plants are scattered around the map. Most of them are located on the top of Mount Chiliad, and the landmark for detection is small red flags. You can also find plants behind Los Santos Customs near the airport and underwater at the end of Del Perro Pier.

Fly in an Airship

We advise you to fly on an airship at night. You can enjoy the indescribable neon beauty of Los Santos from a bird’s eye view. Get ready for the fact that this mode of transport is relatively slow.

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Infiltrate the Military Base

This is an activity for thrill-seekers – in Fort Zancudo, you will find many weapons (tanks, planes, military vehicles, etc.). But the most exciting find is a military VTOL attack jet Hydra. It is equipped with rockets and machine guns, so it should be in your hangar at the airport.

Picking up the plane is not easy – first, you must make your way through hundreds of angry and armed soldiers. And then, when you are already at the helm, lift the plane into the air and not fall under fire from tanks and anti-aircraft weapons.


In GTA 5, any player will find something to their liking. It is simply impossible to list all the available options within the framework of one article. You can also play arcade games, skydiving, tennis, and darts.

This is only a tiny part of what will be available to you in this universe.

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