Game Busters Podcast Ep 18 – Assassin’s Creed | Ardyn’s Historically Accurate Adventure

So apparently, a new Assassin’s Creed game got released recently. To celebrate, jump into the Animus with Nirav and special guests Tim and Axel (Rhi will be back next week) as we do a deep dive into the Assassin’s Creed franchise. That’s right, the whole one. This is a chunky boy.


Talking points include TRUE historical accuracy, George Washington mishaps, time knives, dumb Final Fantasy crossovers, Dad of Boy, legal loopholes in the Hall of Fameluster, basking in the IMMERSION, the wonderful Assassin’s Creed movie, dunking on The Hobbit, and an especially helpful Japanese lesson. It’s Game Busters: very serious immersion edition!

Every week, Nirav, Rhi & a panel of self-proclaimed experts chill, reminisce, and talk about the games we love. To keep up to date on new episodes, follow us on Twitter @GameBustersPod!

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