Game Of Fourtune: How To Survive Creeping Monster

The Game of Fourtune is a story rich visual novel which follows Clyde and Devon as they compete in a series of deadly games. The prize for survival is a wish from the Goddess Bell, who is the overseer and person responsible for the fatal competition.

In this guide, we will walk you though how to survive Creeping Monster – one of the potential games you may encounter. We will show you how to find Creeping Monster, which options to select to ensure Clyde’s survival, and the potential outcomes of your choices. With our guide, you might just survive The Game of Fourtune and win that wish!

How To Unlock Creeping Monster

Creeping Monster is one of the potential games you get to play in The Game of Fourtune.

To locate this game, you will need to make the decision to stay teamed up with Devon and not split up when given your very first choice. Then, when choosing a door, you must opt to team up with Richard and Philip and walk through the second door.

william 2
William will answer the final question incorrectly.

After surviving the game of Selfish or Selfless without Devon, by letting William incorrectly answer the final question, Clyde will join Richard, Philip and William to play Disabled Disablers. Once they have survived this, Clyde will team up with William, Laura and Elizabeth for their second-to-last game: Creeping Monster.

Once you allow William to answer the question during Selfish or Selfless, you are committed to going down his timeline and do not make any more decisions that affect which route you are going down.

The Rules Of Creeping Monster

Creeping Monster is a game about hiding, skulking, and running away from a horrible monster while also gathering clues to unlock your escape route. The monster has to stop the three runners from escaping using lethal or non-lethal means. The three runners and the monster start in different parts of the maze with the group of three starting together. The monster wins if they are able to incapacitate all of the three runners before they can unlock the exit.

To unlock the exit, the three runners have to fill out a key phrase using clues scattered throughout the maze.

There are two exits to prevent the monster camping one.

There is a 20 minute time limit to the game, which comes into play for one of the bad endings, but is otherwise irrelevant.

How To Survive Creeping Monster

Creeping Monster is a 3 vs 1 game, meaning that either three people or one person will die. Bell’s rules mean that if anyone from the team of three dies but the team still wins the round, they will be brought back to life.

The teams are decided by Bell to be Laura against. Elizabeth, Clyde and William. In this scenario, Laura plays the monster. To ensure that she has an equal chance of winning despite being on a smaller team, she has access to weapons and traps to use as she wishes and is given additional powers such as speed and strength.

Laura is given special abilities to help her survive.

Your first decision comes before the game even starts. While strategizing, it is up to you to decide whether to split up and avoid Laura, or team up and ambush Laura. You can win regardless of which path you take.

Split Up And Avoid Laura

Deciding to avoid Laura will see the three runners split up. Clyde quickly finds Laura at an exit looking at a cork board, at which point he needs to decide whether to run, hide or fight.

run hide fight
You will get the option to run, hide, or fight.

To survive this, choose to hide.

When Laura is gone, having walked past Clyde’s hiding space, he bumps into William who thinks he knows the answer to the riddle. They begin to walk towards the exit when they find Elizabeth tied up and bleeding on the floor. William pauses to help her and quickly finds himself being ambushed by Laura. Once William is incapacitated, she turns her attention to Clyde, who begins to run.

Clyde is once again forced to make a choice: turn and fight, hide in a corner, or keep running.

You will be able to choose to turn and fight, hide or keep running.

To survive this, choose to keep running.

As Laura is distracted during the chase, William is able to escape and solves the riddle. This allows Elizabeth, Clyde and William to survive.

Team Up And Ambush Laura

Choosing to ambush Laura will see all three runners move together through the maze. They position Elizabeth as bait at an exit and hide around a corner. When Laura turns up, you are given your first choice. You can either charge or wait.

charge wait
You will get the option to either charge or wait.

To survive this, choose to wait.

Laura will start to tie Elizabeth up, placing her weapons down as she does so. William and Clyde take this opportunity to charge and catch her off guard, but William freezes up at the last minute and is unable to stab her, allowing Laura to pick up her shotgun and aim it at Clyde.

This leads to your next decision: keep the gun aimed at Clyde, redirect the gun to William, or redirect the gun to Elizabeth.

Clyde will have to choose who to aim the gun towards or get shot himself.

To survive this, choose to redirect the gun to Elizabeth.

In his anger, after watching his trusted mentor be shot, William frantically attacks Laura. The pair believe Laura to be dead, allowing Clyde to search her body for clues to the key phrase that she may have collected. She wakes up suddenly, tossing Clyde aside and turning her gun on William.

Here you get your final choice: fight Laura or run away.

run fight
You have to choose whether to run or be brave and fight.

To survive this, choose to fight Laura.

As Laura drops her weapon and rushes towards William, Clyde picks up the discarded shotgun from the floor and shoots her twice in the back. William solves the riddle and is able to fill in the answer before Laura kills him. This allows Elizabeth, Clyde and William to survive.

Other Endings

If you choose to fight Laura during your first encounter with her after splitting up, Clyde is unable to grab the gun out of her hands and is hit over the head. This unlocks BAD END: It’s Just Laura, Huh?

If you choose to run from Laura during your first encounter with her after splitting up, she catches up to Clyde quickly and tackles him to the ground. He manages to escape, but she hits him over the head. Laura apologizes to Clyde as he dies and promises she will bring everyone back from the dead. This unlocks BAD END: Strangling Thorns.

Laura is given super speed and strength to make the 3vs1 game fair.

If you choose to turn and fight during your second encounter with Laura after splitting up, Clyde hits her in the face. She is temporarily stunned, but reacts quickly and is able to regain composure before Clyde gets the gun from her. She shoots him. This unlocks BAD END: Maybe Don’t Fight Someone with a Shotgun.

Choosing to charge instead of waiting to ambush Laura will see both William and Clyde get shot. This unlocks BAD END: Boom Headshot.

If you choose to keep the gun aimed at Clyde when ambushing Laura, he will get shot. This unlocks BAD END: Pointless Sacrifice.

Clyde warns William not to hesitate when attacking Laura.

If you choose to aim the gun at William when ambushing Laura, he will get shot. He drops the knife; however, Clyde is shot before he is able to get to it. This unlocks BAD END: Reckless Sacrifice.

If you choose to leave William and run away after the ambush goes wrong, Clyde will go looking for clues. It is not long before Laura catches up to him. This will give you two choices of death: die to the shotgun and go out quickly, or wait until the game finishes.

  1. Choosing to die with the shotgun will have Clyde turn around and be shot. This unlocks BAD END: Dead End Mercy.
  2. Choosing to wait with Laura until the game finishes will have the pair talk and find some closure. Clyde feels a sharp pinch in his arm as he is injected with poison. He dies peacefully on Laura’s lap. This unlocks BAD END: Dead End Comfort.

That’s all for our guide on how to survive Creeping Monster in The Game of Fourtune. Did you enjoy this game? Did you survive the first time through, or did you wind up with a band end? Comment below and let us know!

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