The Game Of Fourtune: How To Survive Selfish And Selfless

The Game of Fourtune is a story rich visual novel which follows Clyde and Devon as they compete in a series of deadly games. The prize for survival is a wish from the Goddess Bell, who is the overseer and person responsible for the fatal competition.

In this guide, we will walk you though how to survive Selfish and Selfless – one of the potential games you may encounter. We will show you how to find Selfish and Selfless, which options to select to ensure Clyde’s survival and the potential outcomes of your choices. With our guide, you might just survive The Game of Fourtune and win that wish!

How To Unlock Selfish And Selfless

Selfish and Selfless in one of the potential games you get to play in The Game of Fourtune.

To locate this game, you will need to make the decision to stay teamed up with Devon and not split up when given your very first choice. Then, when choosing a door, you must opt to team up with Richard and Philip and walk through the second door.

new team
Due to Philip’s health, you enter the game with Alphonse and William.

Due to Philip’s health problems, the teams will shift around until Clyde and Devon walk through the door with William and Alphonse and the game of Selfish and Selfless begins.

The Rules Of Selfish And Selfless

Selfish and Selfless is a trivia game which relies on the trust and confidence each player has with one another.

The gameplay is relatively simple. Bell presents the players with a question topic that needs to be answered, and the four players must decide who will answer the question. Once you have decided who will answer, that player will go into a separate room where will be asked the question and given four potential answers. If they get the question correct, nothing happens and they will enter back into the room with the rest of the players. The process will then repeat itself three more times. There are four rounds total.

You have to trust the other players’ knowledge, as a wrong answer could result in losing your life.

Before the player answers the question, they are asked to choose whether to be selfish or selfless. If they choose to be selfish and get the question wrong, a player in the other room will die. If they choose selfless and get the question wrong, they – the answerer – will die.

When the person answering the question enters the room, the remaining contestants find out what the question is and whether they are being selfish or selfless.

How To Survive Selfish And Selfless

Selfish and Selfless is a four player dilemma game, meaning anywhere between zero and four people can survive.

The team will be asked four questions, with Clyde being able to answer up to two of them depending on the choices that you make.

Question 1

The first question is on the topic of dualism. Dualism is the philosophical idea that there are two kinds of foundations: mental and physical. It suggests that the mind and body are two separate entities. Clyde is picked to answer this question. However, you don’t need to know anything about dualism to answer this one as, the dialogue will helpfully hint at which answer is correct.

Question 1: What 17th century French Philosopher was responsible for the advancement of Cartesian dualism?

  1. Auguste Comte
  2. Rene Descartes
  3. Simone de Beauvoir
  4. Jean-Paul Sartre
Clyde will give you a hint as to the correct answer.

If the connection between the words “Cartesian dualism” and “Rene Descartes” isn’t enough to tip you off to the correct answer, or you are worried Bell is trying to trick you, Clyde will muse about the coincidence between Rene Descartes and Richard and Philip sharing the same last name. It’s not a trick – this is the right answer!

To survive this question, select Rene Descartes, and head out to rejoin the group.

Question 2

Devon will answer question two, which is on the topic of chemistry, using her knowledge of cooking from her job as a line cook for a pizzeria.

Question 2: What chemical do you get when you heat baking soda?

  1. Sodium Bicarbonate
  2. Sodium Carbonate
  3. Sodium Chloride
  4. Sodium Phosphate

Devon chooses the correct answer, Sodium Carbonate, and comes back out to rejoin the group.

Devon answers
Devon answers correctly and rejoins the group.

Question 3

Question three is on the topic of The Digits of Eden. This is the name of the cult-like organisation that has sent you into The Game of Fourtune. Alphonse will step forward to answer this question, using his knowledge of the organisation.

Question 3: How many years ago was The Digits of Eden founded?

Options are not given for this question, however Alphonse answers it correctly by saying it was founded 40 years ago.

three questions down
After answering three questions, it is time for Clyde to make a game-changing decision

Question 4

Clyde is faced with a few choices when it comes to answering question four. The first decision is a game-dividing one that will result in the timeline being split. You may want to save your game at this point so that you can play out both timelines separately.

The topic for question four is Powers of Four, fitting with Bell’s game-long obsession with the number. Clyde and William both want to answer the question, Clyde being skilled at mental maths and William upset that he hasn’t been given the opportunity to tackle a question yet. This is where your first, decision can be made and you have to select who will answer the question.

Clyde needs to decide whether he or William will answer the question.
I’ll answer it

If you choose “I’ll answer it” Clyde will step into the room and be asked the fourth and final question.

Question 4: What four numbers can a number to the fourth power end with?

  1. 0, 2, 4, 6
  2. 0, 1, 4, 6
  3. 0, 1, 5, 6
  4. 0, 1, 4, 5
You are given four options to answer the question.

To survive this question select the third option: 0, 1, 5, 6.

If you are not feeling up to some maths then you can select the option for Clyde to solve the problem himself. This will walk the player through his mental math process and ensure that you get the right answer.

Clyde, Devon William and Alphonse all survive and leave to wait for the rest of the teams to finish their game.

William will answer it

Choosing “William will answer it” will send him into the room. He is the only player in the game that chooses to be Selfish. He is asked the same question as Clyde would be and answers incorrectly.

william 1
William rejoins the group and is faced with Devon’s death

Since William chose to act selfishly, he is safe, however execution commences in the room where Clyde, Devon and Alphonse are standing. The gun locks on to Clyde, but he is pushed to the ground by Alphonse and the gun misses. The gun then locks onto Devon and shoots her in the chest.

Clyde, William and Alphonse survive and leave to wait for the rest of the teams to finish their game.

Other Endings

There are several bad endings that you can get during the Selfish and Selfless game.

Answering incorrectly will result in a bad ending.

In question one, choosing an incorrect answer (anything other than Rene Descartes) will result in Clyde being shot in the head by Bell. This will unlock BAD END: A Painful Philosophy Lesson.

In question four, if you choose Clyde to answer the question and then get the wrong answer, Clyde will be shot in the head by Bell. This will unlock BAD END: Bad At Math, Huh?

That’s all you need to know to survive the Selfish And Selfless game in The Game of Fourtune. Make sure to check out GameLuster’s other The Game of Fourtune guides to learn how to survive Radical Relay and more!

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