Game of the Week – The Legend of Zelda Majora’s Mask

Hello all you readers of GameLuster and welcome to another segment idea I had, following along with the now weekly game trivia I have started doing, occasional quote of the week and my random thoughts on certain things I decided each week or at least every so often I should take a look at my thoughts on certain games picked for a specific reason. Basically this will be my Game of the Week which will be chosen based on certain events or depending on me just having a game that is special to me that week. This week was easily a tricky pick for me thinking about a new game announcement or one particular game I spent some of my week playing and loved. Of course I ended up choosing the announcement of a game from my childhood that I loved.

For this weeks game of the week I decided Majora’s Mask would be great to pick based on the exciting news of a 3DS remake which for many of us has been something we have been waiting for many years to happen. But the question worth asking is why were we so eager for a remake of this game? Well that is a simple answer that can be answered simply by saying something along the lines of our own connection to the game.

Many of us who played the game back on the Nintendo 64 would have common knowledge of some of the powerful themes and brilliant ideas that exist within the game and that is our connection. For some we see the game as a portal to deal with harsh life problems as we shut ourselves away in something that holds several happier endings, yes how I see the game is that it is one full of side content and that in turn acts as the heart and soul of the whole experience, the compulsion to make others lives happier on your quest. The classic game was strong in that sense in many ways and you were the portal to great happiness, the only thing that held us back was time and the tough choices that had to be made because of it.

Time was one of the games biggest ideas, the entire adventure was built around the idea and doing what you could within that particular timestream, you made the tough choice to attempt to help someone with their problems with your three days or chose to follow the story. Though for this adventure I never felt the story was most important instead it was the games characters and their ties to the world within these three days. For three days we constantly see these peoples lives play out in a loop and we began to get further involved in their story.

But beyond that is something more, the true connection to the world presented by each of the games world segments. Each area you visited was different and each one had a form of symbolism and harshness to them, we as fans translated each section of the world and spent hours discussing our thoughts on the game and its world and how we saw it all, or just how much it impacts us with certain ideas that were presented, some even hitting close to home and looking at our own lives.

Majora’s Mask is easily one of the most interesting Zelda titles and what is more interesting about it is the unintentional thought and inspiration the game stands as. At no point did the developers intend to create such a thoughtful and memorable game which is easy enough to say is magic, and who can forget some of those memorable score the game had a still regularly hum the opening score to myself and my niece, ah memories. So that is why it stand as my game of the week.

On a side note I originally had this planned for Sunday but never got around to writing it, unfortunately things happen.

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