This month sees the arrival of three new games to Xbox Game Pass. Centring around games from well-known Japanese developers, these titles will soon be able to download with Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass.

Set to release:
Persona 3 Portable (January 19th)

The first game available to download on January 19th is Persona 3 Portable by Atlus. This critically-acclaimed RPG is the fourth instalment in the Persona series and has now been remastered for modern platforms. Players can experience a dark and emotional story through the eyes of two protagonists, each with their own paths to take.
(Available on Xbox Cloud, Console and PC)

Persona 4 Golden (January 19th)

Also set to come to Xbox Game Pass on January 19th is Persona 4 Golden by Atlus. Now remastered for modern platforms, this coming-of-age story follows our protagonist and his friends as they set off on a journey that all started with a series of murders in a rural Japanese town. Meet kindred spirits along the way as you take part on exploration of both the crimes and yourself.
(Available on Xbox Cloud, Console and PC)

Monster Hunter Rise (January 20th)

The final game available will be Monster Hunter Rise by Capcom. Released in March 2021, this action RPG is the sixth instalment in the Monster Hunter franchise. Become a hunter and choose from a variety of weapons to take down the fearsome monsters terrorising the terrain. With all-new maps and storyline, fans of the series will be familiar with the Japanese folklore inspired creatures and settings alongside an intense battle to the death.
(Available on Xbox Cloud, Console and PC)

Currently available on Xbox Game Pass:
Currently available to download on Xbox Game Pass

If you already own an Xbox Game Pass subscription, make sure you don’t miss out on some of the titles currently available to download. These include Mortal Shell: Enhanced Edition – an action RPG set in a shattered world, Stranded Deep – a survival game where you must fight to survive stranded somewhere in the Pacific and finally, Valheim: Mistlands Biome Update – Valheim’s latest update which allows you to live out your Viking fantasies against the newest threats.

Games leaving soon:

By using your Xbox Game Pass membership discount, the following games will save you up to 20% and will be a permanent addition in your game library! They are available on Cloud, Console and Pc but grab them soon though as they will leave on January 15th:

Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc (visual novel adventure game)
Nobody Saves The World (action RPG, dungeon-crawler)
Pupperazzi (photography game)
The Anacrusis (4-player, co-op shooter)
We Happy Few (action-adventure/survival horror)
Windjammers 2 (sports game)

Which game are you most excited to pick up in the Xbox Game Pass? Let us know in the comments and stay tuned for more gaming news on GameLuster!


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