Gamescom Opening Night: Christopher Lloyd as Doctor Emmett Brown Announces Surgeon Simulator 2

Normally, hearing the iconic theme music of Back to the Future and an appearance by Christopher Lloyd in character as Doctor Emmett Brown would mean the announcement of a new Back to the Future game. We do not live in normal times, nor are Bossa Studios normal developers.

Instead, Lloyd’s appearance, complete with gimmick appropriate fire streaks leading up to his telecasted visage and a few choice words about copycat character Rick Sanchez, had traveled back in time to give us very important news. Surgeon Simulator 2 was out soon, and GREAT SCOTT! It was out already!


Granted, it’s only on the Epic Store right now, but it did release right as he announced it, and you can pick your copy up right this very minute if you choose. Or earlier, if your time machine is in good condition. Are you scrubbed and ready for surgery?

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