Gamescom Opening Night: Fall Guys Season 2 Revealed

Season 2 of the incredibly popular Fall Guys was shown off at Gamescom Opening Night today, revealing new game modes and cosmetics to throw yourself over the finish line for.

The new cosmetics are following a medieval fantasy theme, with costumes allowing you to dress your blob up as a knight, witch and a dragon.

The new game modes are also apparently set to follow the medieval theme. We didn’t get a name for them, but from the footage we saw, one includes scaling a castle — using a degree of teamwork. In the gameplay, we saw players move building blocks around to use as steps to scale the castle. This is interesting, considering cooperation and Fall Guys rarely go hand-in-hand. We also saw a draw-bridge inspired level, in which players fight to jump through as many hoops as possible.

There’s no specific release date yet. However, the season 2 update is set to go live at some point in October. Meaning you have at least a month and a bit to win any collectibles for the first season.

There was no update on further third party costumes being added to the title after Team Fortress’s Scout was added. There was also no update on when we can see the charity skin added to the game – which will be decided by the winner of a Twitter auction.

Just this week, Fall Guys became the most downloaded game on PS Plus of all time, having been one of the free games of the month. The jelly-bean gameshow title is also performing well on Steam, selling seven million units – two million in its first week alone.

In other Gamescom reveals, the Sam and Max franchise got revived, we got a closer look at the first Doom Eternal expansion, and some details were shared about the upcoming Dragon Age 4. 

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