Gaming quote of the week Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess

For this weeks quote we return to Hyrule because I really love this weeks quote and what it represents and as well as that it is from one of the best Zelda’s games in its franchise. so without further adieu I bring you this weeks quote of the week.

A Sword has no strength unless the hand that holds wields courage

Who says it: The Hero’s Shade

When does it happen: The first time you encounter the Hero’s Shade upon learning your first move he says the quote.

A sword is merely a tool, a device held by man that can inflict pain and cause great injury but it isn’t the sword’s fault the sword does not hold conscious thought and merely does what the person who holds it aims to do. In a sense the sword can be translated to a number of things as each time the quote remains present and provides the same meaning. One of the ways this quote can be translated is all about being brave and being able to find your inner strength to make use of it and grow. Without bravery we are merely running scared hiding in a corner and letting our potential go to waste and our bravery or power gets transferred to whatever we wield to give it strength which is just a simple embodiment of our own subconscious. Likewise another translation comes down to our choice the sword referenced could also be considered a temptation and that the sword holds no strength outside of our own but it becomes our choice about how exactly we use said strength whether we use it for evil intentions or just walk away with the good in our minds. Either way both translations refer to any number of objects and the sword is merely just an example given in the context of the Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess.

I think we should try to take a lesson in bravery from this quote and remember our strength comes from inside not from what we wield. We all have the power to be strong.

I will let you know now Quote of the Week will not be on next week instead I have something else planned.

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