Simon’s Quick Thoughts – Nintendo Direct announcement

Well it is finally that time again, for people like me who love nearly everything about Nintendo look forward to new Nintendo Directs. We look forward to new game details and new announcements for our Wii U’s and 3DS’s as is the case with this upcoming Nintendo Direct, but why do I care so much about this one specially well that quite honestly is simple. This will be the first Nintendo Direct to not be talking about a single game since the start of the year (Nintendo Digital Event not counting). So this is going to be big to tell us more about games we are hoping to play on our Wii U’s and 3DS’s and it will truly make us happy about what we see.

Personally on a bigger note I am looking forward to seeing announcements for games previously announced at E3, for the most part for these particular games we haven’t heard much since E3 and I think it would be nice to know about any updates for games like Splatoon. I would love to know if they have managed to make a single player campaign based on the idea of the game or made some really interesting maps for multiplayer. Even more important I would love to hear about local multiplayer for the game working in the same way as the brilliant Hyrule Warriors,this is just a simple example of interesting announcements for previously acknowledged games.

On another note a trailer for games like Star Fox or Project Giant Robot would also be quite well appreciated giving many of us our first real look at the games and what exactly they are going to offer us. On the 3DS side of things I also think we could very well be hearing about Xenoblade Chronicles on the New Nintendo 3DS, it would be quite interesting to receive new details on this release and whether we will be receiving the exact same game as the Wii or whether we will receive new features. It would just be nice to know.

Though in reality it is new announcements I really want and in my books I would love more remakes. If Nintendo announced a remake for 64 classics like Majora’s Mask or Donkey Kong 64 I think it would be great and give us all a chance to re-experience games we loved in the past and really appreciate them more. Finally the last thing I think would be good is a Pokemon game of sorts for the Wii U, something like Colleseum or XD would be great for the platform. Overall though I just want new details on previously announced games or some cool new announcements I thin it would make us all happy and give consumers more to think about in regards to Nintendo and their consoles.

What do you want to see from the Nintendo Direct, let us know in the comments.

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