GDC 2018 Highlights, Part 2

GDC is an annual event celebrating the people behind the games we all play. People from all over the world gather together during this week to share business information, talk about the state of the industry, give each other tips about dev cycles and resources, and most importantly demo their games and software. This year, I grabbed a one-day pass to see all the things 2018 might have in store for us.

This is part two. You can read part one of Rachael’s GDC highlights here.

Oculus Go: Set to release in May, the Oculus Go is a lower resolution but still completely immersive version of the full Oculus setup. The headset is light, there are zero chords to hassle with, the single controller is easy to use, and the games I played with it were fun as hell.

And it’s only $200.

Anshar Online: That brings me to the next item on my list, which is Oculus Go game Anshar Online. This multiplayer spaceship battle was one of the most fun games I played at GDC. Sometimes when I play VR games, I feel that there are technical problems that cause me to not perform as well. This was not ever the case with Anshar. The tracking and directional controls were impeccable and when I missed a shot I always felt it was because of my skill and not because of the game or gear. I might actually buy an Oculus Go just for this game.

Flying spaceships is 1000% better without getting tangled up in VR headset cables.

They Suspect Nothing: In a world where robots rule and humans are outlawed, you play as a “fleshling” in disguise. Trying to sneak around the world in a series of shoddy robot disguises, this cute and quirky game is also an Oculus Go must have; not to mention it also features the voice of Slughorn from Harry Potter!

Beep boop blip I’m certainly a robot.

Scissors The That Than: Bizarrely named, I’m pretty sure the creators of this game just wanted to see people using the most unwieldy controller they could think of making: a four foot pair of cardboard scissors. This game is set in a spooky haunted mansion where the player has to cut apart little yarn monsters. I did accidentally hit a couple strangers in the face with the giant scissors, but they didn’t seem to mind, and in fact it brought a couple of them in to watch.

Guacamelee 2: The much-requested sequel to Guacamelee has arrived! Featuring just as much wacky mayhem as the first, this smash-em-up co-op game is an absolute riot to play. You can expect more wacky cast members in the lineup and you can turn into a giant rooster. What else is there to say?

The Messenger: Coming to Switch and Steam later in the year, The Messenger is reminiscent of those really hard but addictive fun platformers we remember from when we were kids. Most of all I was reminded of Ninja Gaiden when playing this. The combat is incredibly smooth and you’ll definitely feel like a ninja when you’re playing.

Is it Ryu? Is it Raiden? Is it both?

Dead Static Drive: It’s fast-paced, low-poly, and totally groovy. Dead Static Drive has you playing as a retro-inspired guy who really loves his car. Find friends, drive fast, and shoot giant tentacles that spring up out of the ground in this radical top down shooter.

Cthulu r’lyeh camaro.

Untitled Goose Game: When I heard about Untitled Goose Game I assumed they’d eventually find a better title, but I assumed wrong. I’ve actually grown quite fond of it. In it, you play as a goose who is trying as hard as he can to harass the farmer who is so rudely invading your pond and garden areas. Peck and waddle your way to glory.

This is my picnic, and you aren’t invited. I said good day, sir!

Siren: This one isn’t a game, but I thought it deserved a hearty mention. A fully real-time rendered digital actress appeared at this year’s GDC. Siren was based on a famous Chinese actress, and her digital mesh can be manipulated in real time using a mocap suit and what I estimated to be about 25 cameras. The actress in the suit could make an incredible array of facial expressions and movements that translated immediately to the fully rendered Siren on the screens.

I was impressed, at least.

That’s all! Check out the video above, if you didn’t already; it features a cloud, among other things.

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