Geek & Sundry: Unplugged

A new show about gaming is coming to the Geek & Sundry network, called Unplugged.  From what I can tell from the trailer, it pits two people against each other in a video game standoff.  Then, they compete in a real life version of the game.  So if they were playing an MMO, dressing up, LARPing style, and battling it out would make sense.  Or, perhaps, flying airplanes after playing a flying game!  It sounds like fun, and I’m interested to see what games they choose, and where they decide to take the show.  I could be butchering the premise, and that’s not what it’s about at all!  Oh well.  Still going to watch.

For those that aren’t familiar with Geek & Sundry, they’re a Youtube channel that subscribes to everything geeky and nerdy.  And by subscribe I mean that’s what they do, not like the Youtube… ahem.  Anyways, they have shows that air weekly, that range from table top gaming with Wil Wheaton –he’s my freaking hero–, an inside look at comic books with Amy Dallen and Talkin’ Comics, to retro let’s play segments, with Ryon and Felicia Day, on Co-Optitude.  Geek & Sundry was created by the multi-talented Felicia Day, on April 2nd, 2012.  So I guess today is like the anniversary?  Or birthday? Um, check out their channel!

I’m also particularly enthused for the show, because Ashly Burch is in the trailer!  I really hope she’s the host, cause that would be amazing.  For those that don’t know who she is… why not?!  She’s the star of the Youtube comedy show Hey Ash Whatcha Playin, Must Come Down, played Daenerys in School of Thrones, she was the voice behind Tiny Tina in Borderlands 2, and has lent her vocal talents to various other works like Awesomenauts, Saint Row IV, and soon, Attack on Titan. Ash does amazing work!  Plus, she’s the most adorable person on the planet.  Seriously.  Er, aside from my wife, of course.  Second.  Yeah, second.  Not a celebrity crush!  What?

Be sure to tune in to Geek & Sundry tomorrow, on April 3rd, 2014 to witness the debut of this brand new show!  Are you psyched about it?  I am!

Check out the trailer for Unplugged, on IGN!

Source: IGN

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