Ghost of Tsushima Co-Op “Legends” Mode Arriving October 16

It’s been a few months since Ghost of Tsushima first released, and while the open-world action-adventure title offers plenty to do, some determined gamers have already completed the game’s single-player story mode. Luckily, tons of new content is coming next week in the form of the free Legends update, which will be released on October 16 and can be downloaded via the PlayStation Store.

Legends will add a new co-op mode to the game, which will allow players to team up in order to complete two-player “Story” missions and four player “Survival” missions. The online lobby for co-op mode can be accessed by visiting the new NPC, Gyozen the Storyteller, who will appear on the game’s map once the update has been downloaded.

Unlike the main game, in which players can customize protagonist Jin’s fighting style on a sliding scale between honorable “Samurai” and sneaky “Ghost,” Legends will offer four playable classes. The Samurai focuses on melee combat, the Hunter wields bows, the Assassin strikes from behind, and the Ronin possesses a unique ability to summon spirit animals. Both Story and Survival missions will focus on expanding the lore of Tsushima, including battles against enemies inspired by traditional Japanese folktales and mythical yokai creatures. Exclusive charms and equipment designed to support team combat can be unlocked via completing these missions.

In addition, a “Raid” mode will be implemented at a later date. The Raid will be a three-part storyline designed for high-level teams of four wielding top tier equipment, and will require players to travel into a mystical spirit world.

For players who prefer the solo experience, Legends will add a “New Game+” mode in which players will be able to explore Tsushima at will while retaining all techniques, gear and cosmetic items from their first play-through. A new NPC, the Ghost Flower Merchant, will challenge players to re-complete side quests and other challenges in order to earn brand new rewards.

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