Goat Simulator heading to Playstation systems

Goat Simulator is set to take the world by storm yet again when it makes its way to a brand new platform. Playstation 3 and 4 owners can become a mad goat as Goat Simulator runs rampant onto the console. The newest version of the game coming to the Playstation 3 and 4 is called GoatVR, but don’t worry you don’t actually need anything virtual reality to play, just like everything in this game it is a joke, as the developers imply with their announcement message on the Playstation Blog:

“GoatVR is the most authentic ‘simulated GoatVR experience’ that doesn’t require a helmet or anything.”

The developers continued with more obvious jokes relating to virtual reality:

“Although it’s not quite ready yet we felt it better to stay ahead of the crowd and let it out into the wild. We still need to do that part where it connects to an actual headset but for now you can enjoy a simulated GoatVR experience without it.”

GoatVR will add a score multiplier to the game, better though will be the local co-op for even more madness with the Playstation 3 version of the game receiving two player local co-op and Playstation 4 players be able to play up to four players locally. What is better then a broken game that is even more maddening.

GoatVR will be hitting Playstation systems on August 11th.


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