God Eater 3 Trailer Confirms its Release for PC and PS4

A new trailer has been released for God Eater 3.

Over the weekend, Bandai Namco held a special event for the eight-year anniversary of the God Eater series. During the event, a new trailer was released for the game. In the trailer, we are introduced to Hugo Pennywort, who grew up with the game’s protagonist from a young age. They grew up and became “Adaptive God Eaters.”

At the end of the new trailer, it was confirmed that God Eater 3 will be coming to both Steam and PlayStation 4. You can see the new trailer for the game below.

It was also announced that news for God Eater 3 will be coming to the West very soon. On Twitter, series producer Yusuke Tomizawa stated, “Hi God Eater fans overseas! Yesterday, we had GE’s 8th anniversary meeting in Japan, and revealed some information about GE3. And also, there will be the info for western area soon!”

God Eater 3 was first announced in October of last year. You can check out the announcement trailer here. In the title, players fight giant monsters called Aragami, similar to Monster Hunter. The game does differentiate itself from Capcom’s series by having a more developed story line and characters.

God Eater 3 currently has no release date. It has been confirmed that the game will be coming to the West as well. It will be available for PC and PS4.


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