God(awful) Of War Remake Removed From Xbox Store

For a limited time only, Xbox players were granted the opportunity to experience God Of War – a Playstation exclusive – on their consoles. However, the game in question is a ripoff from the original – and a blatantly poor imitation. 

The game, titled War Gods Zeus of Child (yes, you’re reading that correctly), was available on the Xbox Store until the listing was removed from the store. So, sadly, you won’t be able to play this version of the game – but you can watch play-throughs from Youtube streamer Red Bandana Gaming. War Gods Zeus of Child (the title doesn’t get any easier to read the second time round) has been hailed as a “great war game.” 

Players are tasked with killing “all enemies and creatures with the Zeus War Gods of challenge (sic).” However – there’s more, and the description continues: “Kill them all with your gun. Launch attacks with various combos. Reach the highest monster kills without dying. Feel the power of the warning god.”



War Gods Zeus of Child, published by Dolaka LTD, was released on July 26, 2022, and takes up 159.5 MB of storage on your rig. Arguably, War Gods Zeus of Child screams copyright infringement from the word go, but the reviews on the Xbox Store, as shown by Red Bandana Gaming, are overwhelmingly positive. 

However – a quick play-through from the Youtuber reveals that the game has no sound, no right stick movement, and creature models that look suspiciously like something out of Resident Evil. The gameplay itself is woefully poor. 

Kratos has no reverse movements available, so he glides across a broken, under-developed Gladiator arena instead, hacking and slashing, as best as one can with no right stick movement, at a handful of monsters. Best of all, the game’s geometry ends if you go out of bounds. 

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