Good Night and Good Luck new update for Dying Light brings Hard Mode

A new update is in the works for Techland’s Dying Light and with it will come a few new things that might just give you more influence in the game to have fun with a few new things to play with on your Zombie fighting adventure.

The first and most major thing coming out of this update is the addition of a hard mode so if you didn’t think the game was hard enough well think again. The update will provide the hard mode which enhances he difficulty level in a wide variety of ways, including making a night time that lasts twice as long as standard difficulty, you will also get more powerful and hard to kill enemies, volatiles that are invisible on the minimap, combat precision and energy regeneration.

Hard mode will be optional with you having the ability to turn it off and on whenever you deem it necessary. On top of this Techland is also promising this will not be the last set of updates to arrive for the game, with future tweaks to hard mode to come in the future, it could even become harder.

The update will also include some minor gameplay and graphical tweaks and a number of new items, including 20 new outfits, “dozens” of new weapons, and a new weapon rarity level called the Gold tier.  Watch the video above to learn more about the details of the patch.

This hardmode patch will come to the Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC for free on March 14th worldwide, however North American’s can get the patch right now.

I think the games title certainly would speak true now, Good Night and Good Luck with Hard Mode you are going to need it.

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