Grid Autosport Coming to Nintendo Switch in 2019

It’s time for another game to make its way to Nintendo’s newest system. In 2019, we will be getting Codemasters’ Grid Autosport. The AAA racer was originally developed and published by Codemasters, seeing a release on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PC, Mac, and mobile. Originally released back in 2014, Grid Autosport has managed to garner positive attention, and now some of that attention will head to the Switch in 2019.

The Switch port was revealed by Feral Interactive, the people who did the iOS and Mac ports of Grid Autosport. They will also be handling the Switch port, offering players the challenge of becoming pro racers on the Switch.

Talking about the newest port of the game for the Switch, David Stephen, managing director of Feral Interactive, expressed optimism about the game’s future.

Grid Autosport’s AAA production values and deep yet accessible gameplay will make it a fantastic addition to the Nintendo Switch,” Stephen said. “Following its success on iOS, we’re thrilled to bring it to Switch players.”

At present Grid Autosport has been left with nothing more than a vague 2019 release window for the Switch. We will have to wait and see when a more concrete time frame is announced and how Feral Interactive will handle this release. More news should drop on this Switch release in the coming months.

Grid Autosport tasks players with becoming pro racers as they take control of some of the most exciting cars on some of the world’s most thrilling circuits. From the streets of Barcelona to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, you will be thrilled in these high-octane racing locations. The game also touts a customizable difficulty option and a range of driving disciplines all to mix up the experience.

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