Life is Strange 2 Episode 2 Arrives in January

Life is Strange 2 has done a lot of good for the franchise’s brand. The new season moved away from the previous location staple of Arcadia Bay and its main heroine Max Caulfield. Players took control of Sean Diaz as he and his younger brother went on the run after supernatural events went awry, causing complications with the law. Now players can expect to play the next episode in the season some time early next year.

Upon completing the first episode, many of the players have begun to look forward to the next leg of the journey for the Diaz brothers in Episode 2: Rules. The first episode managed to receive high praise for its storytelling, relying heavily on the situation of two brothers being on the run and the older being forced to suddenly become the primary caretaker for the younger. The episode managed to move players so much that they wanted to see where Dontnod would take the Diaz brothers.

So when can fans of Life is Strange 2 expect the next episode? While no official release date has been announced at this time, a release window for January has been confirmed. Dontnod is hesitant to provide a final release date at the time so they can build a quality experience they can be proud of, according to the Life is Strange Tumblr blog.

“The Life is Strange series is a project close to all of our hearts and one for which we do not want to rush development and thereby fail to meet the benchmark of quality and emotional impact that you, our players, deserve,” the development team wrote in its blog. “This is why we so far have not announced an official release date — we want to ensure that we will be in a position to release something that we are proud of and that you will enjoy and remember forever.”

According to the developers we can expect an official release date to be announced somewhere in mid-December, but for now we can live with the knowledge that the next episode at least has a window.

“We can now officially say that Episode 2 will be released in January 2019, but more will be unveiled in mid December, this year,” they wrote. “We can’t wait to reveal more about ‘Episode 2: Rules’ to you soon!”

If you want more on Life is Strange 2 you can read our official review of Episode 1: Roads.

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