Gunman Clive creator not opposed to making a third entry

As far as indie games go, there is one recent series that has taken my attention this one is Gunman Clive. The first entry was pure brilliance albeit a little bit on the short side, but this didn’t matter each play through was enjoyable, in the recently released sequel the game felt like an idea free for all mixing in a whole heap of different things such as dinosaurs and flight into a western adventure. However the question is now could a third entry work or would we see a third entry, well Bertil Horberg (creator of Gunman Clive) has said that a third entry is possible, we just should not expect an announcement any time soon.

Speaking with Nintendojo, Hörberg said:

I don’t know; it won’t be any time soon but I’m not against the idea of another sequel in the future. If I do create a Gunman Clive 3 or continue the series even further I think I will shake up the formula a bit more and do something a bit different. GC2 started as a very straightforward sequel with basically just more levels. I think it grew to be a bit more ambitious than that in the end, but it still follows the first game very closely in terms of the core gameplay and structure. Honestly I don’t really know where to go from here thematically; in GC2 I tried to make everything feel grander and more dramatic. He’s already been to space and traveled around the world, fought dinosaurs and giant robots, so I don’t know how I’d top that to make his next adventure feel like a clear step up again.

Hörberg also commented on his interest in porting Gunman Clive 2 to additional platforms. Wii U remains one system that could receive the game.

For now my goal is port the game to more platforms, but I haven’t made much progress with that yet, so it’ll be some time before I get started on a new project. I have a few loose ideas but nothing solid yet and I’ll spend some time prototyping before I decide anything.

Yes, possibly (Wii U as one of those platforms). My plan was to start with the platforms the first game was on (iOS, Android & Steam), as I want everyone who played that to be able to get the sequel, and then move on to Wii U and possibly other consoles. But we’ll see how many versions I’m able to do before I want to move on to a new game, so I’m not promising anything definite yet. The 3DS version made up for the vast majority of the total sales for GC1, but I don’t feel I can disregard the other platforms after one game, and it shouldn’t be too much work to port it. As I mentioned though, I haven’t gotten very far yet and it’s going pretty slowly still.

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