Rumor: Gravity Rush is getting remastered for the Playstation 4

Sony has never provided me with a reason as to why I should get a Vita, sure there are some pretty fun sounding games on the system but there is not enough to really encourage myself along with the general gaming population to purchase a Vita. Worse still is Sony’s insistence on moving exclusives to the Vita over to the Playstation 4, as we seen in the form of Tearaway and now what is suggested to be Gravity Rush as well. If there was any reason to own a Vita the game I would think of is Gravity Rush, the game is a perfect blend of interesting gameplay and a beautiful art style, Gravity Rush is one game I have wanted to play for a while and now I might just get my opportunity.

Thanks to a NeoGAF user, it has been discovered that the Korean Game Ratings Board has listed Gravity Rush Remaster as an upcoming game for the Playstation 4.

I am really hoping this is true, not just for me but for the general gaming population, until Sony gives official word this is still a rumor but given the rating board has noted something I feel we should know something by E3.

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