Half of all Xbox One owners have played Forza 5

Here is an interesting statistic for you, it turns out at least half of the worlds Xbox One owners have played Forza 5, or to be more exact over one million people have played Forza 5 which is actually pretty good for the Forza game.

Turn 10 creative director Dan Greenawalt told IGN:

“I was humbled and flabbergasted when I learned that one out of every two Xbox One player profiles had played the full version of Forza Motorsport 5. That is ridiculous, for any game. Certainly racing games have not usually seen that amount of adoption.”

So are you one of these people playing Forza 5 well if you are congratulations on being one of a wide number of people playing this game, it is just good to hear that this is quite popular and it shows good potential for the future or else it is all a matter of more people own Xbox One’s that like racing games.

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