Tezuka’s interest in making a new Mario Paint led to Mario Maker

Back during the Super Nintendo era there was many games I really loved, one of these games was Nintendo’s Mario Paint, it was fun and creative and was easy to love, since then though I have been waiting for a new Mario Paint game. While we haven’t received a new Mario Paint game we have been given Mario Maker. Nintendo’s Takashi Tezuka interestingly was originally eager to make a new Mario paint game that would use the Gamepad to its advantage and this then became Mario Maker.

Tezuka quickly found that drawing is more a challenge for people and may not have been as accessible for some players and building Mario courses was actually easier for people.

Tezuka told NintendoWorldReport:

“So what I particularly like about Mario Paint is that it’s not just about drawing. It’s playing with the software itself and having fun with it as you draw. So I wanted to take those fun, clever little things from Mario Paint and implement them in Mario Maker, so it’s a lot more than just a course editor.”

I would have loved to have played a new Mario Paint game but I actually feel Mario Maker does have the potential to offer more and the game will make brilliant use of the Gamepad.

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