Harvest Moon: Light of Hope Getting an Adorable ‘Special Edition’

Harvest Moon: Light of Hope was recently revealed to be coming in May for the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch, and those interested might want to invest in the “special edition.” The Harvest Moon series is ripe for adorable collectible plushies, and Natsume knows this and has exploited it for years. And so, the special edition gets you an adorable plushie.

Technically speaking, this isn’t much of a special edition. Natsume only appears to be slapping the marketable phrase on the box to gain attention, bundling in a plushie as a sort of pre-order bonus.

But it might just work. Look at this thing. This chocolate cow plushie is simply adorable and stands at five inches tall. The good news is that Natsume isn’t using this to drive up prices for the game, so you can buy the “special edition” for $39.99 on both the Switch and PS4.

Does this make you want to get the game, or does this seem like Natsume is trying to find a way to push the newest version of Harvest Moon? This is certainly an adorable marketing gimmick making use of something the franchise does well.

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