Hatoful Boyfriend is out now for IOS devices

By now I am sure every game player should be aware of the aviary dating simulator Hatoful Boyfriend, this game first arrived on Steam and has since come onto major current consoles. Should you not have a current generation console (Wii U not included), or a gaming PC but wish to check out this game you are in luck, Hatoful Boyfriend has now been made available for IOS devices such as iPhone as well as iPad’s things I am sure many of you have.

In case you are one of the few people unaware of this games premise Hatoful Boyfriend sees you playing as a human attending St. Pigeonation’s Institute a school for birds. You are then given the strange premise of chasing after the man or bird of your dreams, the premise is dumb, but many have sighted that the games real enjoyment is in the games great storytelling that has plenty of dramatic flair.

Should you be interested in the game it is available for IOS costing $4.99. This version of the game includes improved visuals, an additional scenario, and a new ending, even if you have played the game before this version of Hatoful Boyfriend might just something for you.

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