World of Warriors has been announced, coming exclusively for the Playstation 4

Mind Candy, the team that brought us the mobile (and DS) hit Moshi Monsters is working on a new game and it is just as adorable. Mind Candy has announced their next game to be World of Warriors and this game will be arriving exclusively for the Playstation 4.

World of Warriors summons us to a mysterious kingdom filled with battles called the Wildlands. To survive in this Kingdom you will need to build an army with new and familiar faces to conquer the arenas in order to try and win in this fantasy environment. One of the best things that this game is set to offer is that of couch co-operative play which is a rare treat in the modern industry, it will also include online play which you can do with your friends, so there is plenty of options for how you approach World of Warriors. The announcement trailer for the game shows off competitive multiplayer as well as some typical Role Playing Game damage indicators, this game is also extremely adorable. You can watch the trailer below:

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