Hello Games Confirm No Man’s Sky Does Not Require PlayStation Plus to Play

No Man’s Sky, a PlayStation 4 exclusive title is a procedurally  generated, persistently online universe in which players embark on an adventure through the galaxy. It has been confirmed by developer Hello Games that No Man’s Sky doesn’t require a PlayStation Plus membership in order to play.

Despite No Man’s Sky being always online and the players sharing the same game ‘world’, with lead developer Sean Murray stating, “The chances of you bumping into another player are so slim, you don’t need PS Plus.”

It’s no lie to say that console gamers are familiar with the idea of having to pay for a service in order to access the online connectivity of a game, Xbox Live pioneered this back in the early 2000s, and developer/publisher EA took it to the next level with their ‘Online Pass’ systems, which involved a small fee on top of the game charge, as well as the fee of a service such as Xbox Live.

To see a triple-A developer choosing to leave the PS Plus system out of the game is a refreshing change to see from the norm. Although, the game will require a constant connection in order to play and register your in-game ‘discoveries’.

No Man’s Sky officially releases on August 9th for PC and PS4.

Image from no-man’s-sky.com


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