Here is the full tracklist for the Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess Sound Selection CD

When Twilight Princess HD arrives on the Wii U next month most of us will be treated to a special CD that comes with the game featuring music from Twilight Princess, the question I know I have been asking is what scores will Nintendo put on the soundtrack? Well, Nintendo has answered by revealing the full lineup of musical scores which will be on the soundtrack, among these include many of the games best in terms of sheer beauty of the score or just overall brilliance. Here is the full lineup of songs on the soundtrack:

1. Title
2. Teaser Music #1
3. Ordon Village
4. Midna’s Theme
5. Hyrule Field (Main Theme)
6. Light Spirit
7. Kakariko Village
8. Death Mountain
9. Queen Rutela’s Theme
10. Lake Hylia
11. Boss Battle Part 3
12. Midna’s Desperation
13. Sacred Grove
14. Malo Mart
15. Ilia’s Theme
16. Hidden Village
17. Princess Zelda’s Theme
18. Final Battle Part 4
19. Staff Roll Part 1
20. Teaser Music #2

Unfortunately there may be a catch to whether you receive the soundtrack or not, for those who live in North America you will need to have pre-ordered the physical copy of the game through GameStop. However those who live in Europe or Japan can organize the game wherever they like and receive the CD.

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