Nintendo releases Fire Emblem Fates launch trailer

Intelligent Systems has a really good thing going with their Fire Emblem franchise, since 2012’s Awakening fan outcry for the franchise has never been higher with the only thing fans really hoping for now is that a new game can match the brilliance of the previous installment. Enter Fire Emblem Fates the latest game in the series and one that looks to be enough to overshadow the previous game, this entry is broken into two different games each with their own story and varying sides to the games conflict, this should appease fans.

This all goes without even mentioning the additional story of the games that will be released through downloadable content in the form of Revelations, the games this time around look excellent and if you live in North America you can pick up the game today. As such Nintendo has released a launch trailer for the game that might just get you excited to enter the war torn battlefields of Fire Emblem once again, take a look below:

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