Here is what Natsume plans to show at E3 this year

Natsume has announced the games they will be bringing to Los Angeles for E3 this year.

The Japanese publisher has plans to bring three games to the show this year, the most notable inclusion in Natsume’s linup this year is Harvest Moon: Seeds of Memories which they announced recently to be coming to PC, Mobile as well as the Wii U.

Natsume is also planning to bring along two games that will coming to the 3DS, the first of these is Gotcha Racing which as of now is a 3DS exclusive arriving this Summer. Along with this we will also be seeing Brave Tank Hero which will arrive on Nintendo’s handheld along with the Nintendo’s home console the Wii U, as of right now no release date or window has been announced for the game.

Along with this Natsume will share details on plans to bring Gameboy Advance game classics such as Pocky & Rocky with Becky to the Wii U Virtual Console.

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