Lucas is coming to Super Smash Brothers for Wii and 3DS on June 14th, Splatoon costumes and Miiverse stage coming same day

It was disappointing when Super Smash Brothers for Wii U and 3DS launched and Lucas was nowhere to be seen, throughout my years with Brawl I had grown attached to the character and honestly found him to be a whole lot better then Ness. Thankfully a short while back it was revealed he was returning to Smash Brothers as DLC, at the time we had no idea when the character would be showing up but now it has been officially revealed. Lucas is set to be released on June 14th which is not very far away, exact times though are 11 AM ET / 8 AM PT.

Nintendo confirmed this via Twitter today:

PK THUNDER! On 6/14 @ 8 a.m. PT, Lucas is available to buy as a DLC character in #SmashBros for #WiiU & #3DS.

Along with Lucas it seems more Smash Brothers DLC will be releases that day. The Japanese Smash Brothers Twitter account states that we should be seeing the Miiverse stage for the Wii U as well as Splatoon costumes for Mii Fighters arrive on the same day.

New screenshots have been provided for the Splatoon costumes and the Miiverse stage for the game which you can look at below:

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