Honkai Star Rail: Ghost Actor Quest Guide

While exploring the Fyxestroll Garden in Honkai Star Rail, you can encounter the Ghost Actor, who is tirelessly singing an opera song. Although you may feel scared to speak with a ghost, the Ghost Actor is actually a friendly NPC that can give you a hidden mission. If you need help completing the challenge, this guide can tell you the answers to all of Ghost Actor’s questions!

How To Complete Ghost Actor Secret Mission In Honkai Star Rail

The Ghost Actor secret mission lasts two real-life days, and you must learn an opera song from her. During the first day, you simply need to speak with the ghost and listen to her ramblings. When she asks if you wish to learn Zhuming flower-drum opera with her, you must answer with, “I’ll learn from you.”

After that, you need to wait for one day to pass before you can return to the Pavilion of Cessation Corridor and speak to her again. This time, the Ghost Actor will sing the “Wedding Wine” song, and you have to memorize the lyrics. She will offer you a chance to hear the song again before you will need to sing along with her.

Honkai Star Rail Ghost Actor Questions

Here are the answers if you can’t remember the “Wedding Wine” song lyrics:

  • In devotion, my heart does yearn… – To be known by you, my love, in return.
  • Candles flicker, casting shadows on the wall. – My bones the wick, my flesh the fragrance’s call.
  • Robes fall away, revealing my desire. – In hibiscus tent, our passions shall transpire.
  • At night, we’ll embrace as one, so tight. – Come tomorrow, you’ll take your flight.

If you answer incorrectly, you will enter a fight against one Entranced Ingenium – Illumination Dragonfish. Winning the battle will give you the Apprentice, Disciple Renegade achievement.

On the other hand, if you manage to pass the Ghost Actor’s test, you will unlock the Mountain of Recto, Water of Verso trophy. You will also receive two Lost Fragments, 10 Strale, and 6,000 Credits.

That’s the end of our guide on how to complete the Ghost Actor secret mission. For more HSR content, check out our post on the best build for Fire Trailblazer. He is one of the best tanks in the game despite being a free unit that you will unlock during the main mission.

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