Honkai Star Rail: How To Build Silver Wolf

Honkai Star Rail features numerous interesting and unique characters you can obtain, and among them is the quirky hacker Silver Wolf. This five-star unit is an amazing support character that can strengthen various team compositions. If you manage to grab her, you have to read this handy guide to find out how to build this unit!

Honkai Star Rail Best Silver Wolf Build

Silver Wolf follows the Path of Nihility and has a Quantum element. She can only be obtained from the limited-time banner that features her, and you cannot acquire this character from the standard banner. 

Silver Wolf’s number one strength is her ability to add a new Elemental Weakness to an enemy using her Skill. She can also apply various debuffs on an enemy with her Ultimate, making her a fantastic support unit.

  • Light Cone: Incessant Rain
  • Relics: Genius of Brilliant Stars
    • Body: Effect Hit Rate
    • Feet: SPD
  • Planar Ornaments: Pan-Cosmic Commercial Enterprise
    • Sphere: Quantum DMG
    • Rope: Energy Regen Rate
  • Trace Priority: Skill > Ultimate > Talent > Basic Attack
  • Eidolons: E2

Honkai Star Rail Silver Wolf Details

Incessant Rain is the best Light Cone for Silver Wolf. This item can increase her Effect Hit Rate and even boost her CRIT Rate when she attacks an enemy afflicted with three debuffs or more. Whenever Silver Wolf attacks an enemy, this Light Cone can also apply the Aether Code status effect on the target, increasing the damage they receive for one turn.

I recommend giving Silver Wolf the Genius of Brilliant Stars Relic set to increase her Quantum DMG. If you equip four pieces of this equipment, she can deal more damage by ignoring 10 percent of the enemy’s DEF. Should she attack an opponent with Quantum Weakness, she will ignore 20 percent of their DEF.

For Planar Ornaments, you can use the Pan-Cosmic Commercial Enterprise set from the Simulated Universe World V. This gear can boost her ATK and her Effect Hit Rate, increasing her chance of applying debuffs on enemies.

When upgrading her Traces, I suggest you start with Silver Wolf’s Skill since that’s how she can apply Elemental Weakness and other debuffs. Afterward, you can level up her Ultimate and Talent to strengthen her debuffs. I don’t recommend upgrading her Basic Attack first because she’s not meant to be a DPS.

For Eidolons, I suggest unlocking Silver Wolf’s E2, Zombie Network, if possible. This Eidolon lets her reduce enemies’ Effect RES by 20 percent when they enter a battle.

What makes this ability so great is that this debuff is unremovable. Even if the enemy casts a skill that can remove Status Ailment or the opponent has multiple phases, this debuff will stick until they die.

That is the end of our guide on how to build Silver Wolf. For more HSR content, I recommend you check out our article on how to build Seele, another great five-start unit.

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