Honkai Star Rail: Should You Pull Acheron Or Aventurine?


Acheron and Aventurine are the two new 5-star characters introduced in Honkai Star Rail version 2.1. Both of them are amazing units that can bring a lot of value to your team. However, unless you are a whale, you may not be able to obtain the two characters. That’s why we have made this guide to explain the strengths and weaknesses of each character and help you decide which one you should get. 

HSR Acheron VS Aventurine

Simply put, Acheron is a DPS, while Aventurine is a Sustainer. The two characters’ roles do not overlap, and whether you should pull on which unit depends on your needs. If you lack a good damage dealer, then you may want to pick Acheron. On the other hand, Aventurine is a great Tank and sub-DPS that is even better than Gepard. 

Honkai Star Rail Acheron Gameplay

Most players may be drawn to Acheron since she is the strongest DPS unit in HSR version 2.1. She can dish out a ton of damage with her Ultimate, and she even beat Jingliu. But be warned that Acheron is not F2P or new players friendly.

The Emanator requires a ton of investment if you want to make her deal as much damage as possible. First, there are no good F2P Light Cone options for her, with her signature Light Cone being the best. Some players suggest using Good Night Sleep Well, but this Light Cone can only be obtained from the limited-time banner

Acheron also works best when paired with other Nihility units. At the time of writing, her best team includes Silver Wolf and Pela. So, unless you have built those two units, you need to level up at least three characters to make Acheron work.

Honkai Star Rail Aventurine Gameplay

Aventurine requires less investment since he is a Sustainer. He is amazing when you put him in a follow-up attack team that includes units such as Dr. Ratio or Clara. This will allow him to build up his stacks quicker and let him dish out his AoE follow-up attack.

You can also put him on any team if you just want his shield. Unlike Gepard, he can create barriers for your team using his Skill, while his Ultimate is a single-target attack. 

The Imaginary element is also great since there are a ton of enemies who are weak against it. Also, if you played the game before version 2.2, you can claim a free Dr. Ratio, who synergises well with Aventurine. 

Personally, I recommend pulling for Aventurine since support units are always better in Gacha games. After all, there will always be harder-hitting DPS characters as new updates are released. However, great support units will never lose their utilities because they can boost even the weakest DPS. 

That’s everything you need to know on whether to pull for Acheron or Aventurine. For more HSR content, you can check out our guide on how to build Luocha.

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