Police Situation At Ubisoft Montreal (UPDATE: Situation Resolved, Deemed “Hoax”)

A “police operation” and possible hostage situation has been reported at Ubisoft Montreal.

At the present time, there is no word on how many suspects are involved, what demands have been made, or any reports of injuries or fatalities.  An unknown number of employees are inside the building. A large number of Ubisoft employees, possibly thirty or more, appear to have barricaded themselves on the roof of the building.  Montreal police and SWAT units are on the scene and have established a perimeter.

Game Luster will update the story as it develops.

UPDATE (2:37PM CST): Montreal police appear to be evacuating employees from the interior of the building.  The employee barricades on the roof are being dismantled, presumably prior to evacuation.

UPDATE (2:48PM CST): TVA Nouvelles, a Montreal media outlet, is reporting that the incident is a hoax.  Police are still maintaining the perimeter for now, but are presently evacuating employees in an orderly fashion.  No official word has currently been released by Montreal police.

UPDATE (3:45PM CST): Montreal police have confirmed that the 911 call which originally started the incident was a hoax.  They have not indicated the call’s origin or the caller’s identity.

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