Dead By Daylight Reveals New Killer “The Twins”

A short animated trailer posted by developer Behavior Interactive on Tuesday revealed co-operative survival horror game Dead by Daylight’s latest killer: the terrifying Twins. Later in the week, a further update shed more light on the Twins’ backstory and abilities.

As their name suggests, the Twins are a single killer comprised of two individuals: conjoined twins Charlotte and Victor Deshayes. According to official lore, Charlotte and Victor were born in the 17th century, and their mother was burned as a witch by superstitious villagers believing she had given birth to something unholy. Following their mother’s death, Charlotte and Victor were experimented on in a mysterious temple. When Victor was killed during the experiments, Charlotte reached out to the Entity, Dead by Daylight’s supernatural main villain, and traded her brother’s life for a role hunting survivors to sacrifice.


Mechanically, the Twins will perform differently than any other killer currently released so far. Players can switch between controlling the immense Charlotte, who wields a hook-like weapon, and the grotesque, baby-like Victor, who can crawl out of his sister’s chest cavity and search out survivors to lead his sister to them. Victor is a tiny, stealthy character who can sneak up on unsuspecting survivors – luckily, they can fight back by crushing him, forcing him to re-grow out of his sister’s body before he can act again.

The Twins are currently available for beta testing players to experience, and will be added to the main game at a currently undisclosed date. They will join as part of an update called “The Binding of Kin.” The update will also include a new survivor, Élodie Rakoto, who was raised in a position of privilege and power before encountering the Entity’s cultists while searching for her missing parents. More information regarding Élodie’s play style will likely be announced at a later date.

Are you as terrified of the Twins as we are? Let us know!

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