How Mobile Games Manage to Dominate and What The Future Holds

Nowadays, the gaming industry is experiencing huge growth in popularity and market value, and this is due to many reasons. However, the most important one is, for sure, the growth of mobile gaming.

Today we see numerous people spend their free time playing mobile games. This can also be seen in the global games market, where mobile gaming takes more than 40% of the overall value.

But how do we get to this point? In this article, we will analyze and discuss the reasons why mobile games have managed to dominate the gaming industry and what we can expect in the future.

The Beginning of Mobile Games

The first mobile game that made a great hit and became very popular in the world was of course, the Snake in the Nokia 6610. The snake was released in 1997, and from that day to now, a lot of things have changed in the mobile gaming industry.

Today most mobile games come with amazing graphics, incredible sounds, and very realistic gameplay. Of course, this growth of mobile games that we experienced in the past few years began with the evolution of mobile phones in 2007.

From that day on, we have seen numerous new mobile games come forward and get a lot of popularity in no time. Today, a person can play multiple mobile games in his free time, like shooter games, racing games, etc. Mobile phones expand even in the gambling industry, and today online casino users can use their smartphones to play android slots and other casino popular games.

Mobile Games That Skyrocket The Industry

There are dozens of mobile games that can say that they skyrocket the mobile gaming industry. However, there are few games that really stand out from the competition and manage to gain incredible popularity over the years.

From the Angry Birds of Rovio Entertainment and the Candy Crush Saga from King to the Subway Surfers and, of course, the Pokemon Go, these mobile games changed the way people look at mobile gaming in general.

Of course, mobile games like Call of Duty Mobile and PUBG Mobile, which were released in the past 3 years, came with even amazing gameplay and also helped the mobile gaming industry to gain today’s popularity.

Competitions and Tournaments in The Mobile Games Industry

As we already said above, the mobile gaming industry has seen incredible growth in popularity. With this in mind, it was reasonable to see numerous tournaments and competitions pop up for the most popular mobile games.

Players can find well-known tournaments and competitions for mobile games like Brawl Stars, PUBG Mobile, Hearthstone, Call of Duty Mobile, Clash of Clans, Arena of Valor, and more.

However, one of the most popular tournaments in the mobile gaming industry is the Call of Duty Mobile World Championship. This tournament comes once a year with a huge prize pool for the winning team. For example, the prize pool of this tournament in 2022 was $1,7 millions.

Of course, other games like PUBG, Free Fire Garena, and Clash of Clans also have big prizes for the winning team. If you don’t know how popular these tournaments are, let us just say that the most popular tournaments in 2022 were watched by more than 5 million people.

What Can We Expect in The Future

You may wonder now, ok mobile gaming industry is thriving now, but what will happen in the next few years? Well, depending on today’s information, we are sure that mobile gaming is here to stay.

From the Snake game in 1997 to games like Call of Duty Mobile and Free Fire Garena, the mobile gaming industry has made huge steps forward to maintain mobile entertainment. With this in mind, we expect to see even more innovative technologies to come and help the game providers to create even more amazing mobile games.

In a few words, even if you are a fan of mobile gaming or not, mobile games are indeed one of the biggest trends of our time, and this will not seem to fade away in the next few years.

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