How to Get Dragon Patronus in Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Legacy is an action role-playing game that allows players to experience life at Hogwarts in the 1800s. As you progress in the game, you can upgrade your talents and abilities through in-game challenges that come in the form of exploration, combat, quests, and more. You will also be able to learn several magic spells that will help you throughout the game. Among all those powerful patronus spells, Dragon Patronus is one of the rarest and most powerful Patronuses in the Wizarding World.

Many players are eager to know how to get the Dragon Patronus in the game. Keeping this in mind, we have prepared a handy guide on how to get the Dragon Patronus in Hogwarts Legacy.

About Dragon Patronus

The Dragon Patronus is one of the most coveted forms of magical protection. It is believed to be the only Patronus capable of protecting its caster from the most powerful dark magic. The Patronus takes the form of an ultra-powerful dragon, usually in the shape and color of the caster’s choosing. It is said that only a few wizards have ever had the potential to conjure a Dragon Patronus. In Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, we see Harry conjure a Patronus in the shape of a silver stag. He later learns that it was his father’s Patronus, a sign of Harry’s inherited courage and bravery. The dragon symbolizes even greater strength and power than the stag, which represents the ultimate power of a wizard.

How to get Dragon Patronus in Hogwarts Legacy

Dragon Patronus
Screengrab via The Vektrix on Youtube

If you are a fan of Patronus, then you will be sad to know that Patronus is not going to be included in Hogwarts Legacy in recent times. Recently Warner Bros Games shared a tweet and wrote “Hey there! Thanks for reaching out about Hogwarts Legacy! Currently there are no announced plans to include the patronus in the game. We appreciate your interest, however. If you have any more questions or concerns, feel free to reach out and let us know!”

However, there is a way to get the Dragon Patronus in Hogwarts Legacy. For that, you have to go to the Wizarding World website and participate in the Patronus Charm Quiz. To get the Dragon Patronus in Hogwarts Legacy, keep in mind that you have to answer each question exactly as shown below. If you see any questions other than those shown below, skip them.

Here are all the answers you will need to obtain Dragon Patronus in Hogwarts Legacy:

Answer 1
  • Glow | Blade | Wind | Serve | Dance
Answer 2
  • Improve | Shadow | Salt | Cold | Blood | Rough
Answer 3
  •  Escape | Preen | Sense | Earth | Around
Answer 4
  • Sometimes | Why | Free | Alone | Lost | Silent
Answer 5
  • Trust | Grey | Spirit | Impress | Touch
Answer 6
  • Sharp | Deep | Awake | Frost | Ripple | Hunt
Answer 7
  •  Legend | Glory | Impossible | Bewitch | Jinx

[NOTE: There are a total of seven question sets to get Dragon Patronus. You will get two chances to select the correct answer in the set. However, if both choices are incorrect, you can exit the page and restart the quiz]

That concludes our guide on how to get Dragon Patronus in Hogwarts Legacy. I hope you find this guide helpful. Please share it with others if you do.

Hogwarts Legacy is currently available on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC (on Steam and the Epic Game Store) via early access. It will be available on PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One.

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