How to Make Your Video Games Look and Feel Better Than Ever

The video game industry is bigger than ever, with the most popular games attracting millions of players and even featuring high-profile celebrities and actors lending their likeness to the virtual world. As the technology behind video games has improved, they’ve become more exciting to play as well as better looking. Most people think that you need to have a high-end machine to play video games, but this couldn’t be further from the truth.

When you’re playing video games online, you don’t necessarily need to use the default settings. There are lots of small changes you can make to ensure your games look and run better than ever for a more immersive and enjoyable gaming experience. You don’t even need to have the best possible PC or console in order to play games at decent settings, provided you have a reasonably capable piece of hardware. Sites that offer gambling in Illinois can be played on any device, including mobile phones and tablets. Here are some steps you can take to improve the graphical quality of your favorite games:

Adjust Motion Blur

Motion Blur is a popular graphical option for making games appear more cinematic. Previously, this created a smeary effect that made everything look bad, but many newer games do it much better now. It is a fairly controversial option, though, with some people disliking it so much that they turn it off in every game, no matter what. Others don’t have as much of a problem with it, so you should try it both ways to see which you prefer. Similar options, such as Depth of Field, Film Grain, Lens Flare, Bloom, and Chromatic Aberration, are also worth experimenting with.

Change the Field of View

Our eyes have a fairly high field of view, allowing us to see in our peripherals as well as directly in front of us. In most games, however, the camera restricts what we can see quite a bit. As a result, it can sometimes be hard to see what’s going on around you, and moving the camera too quickly can sometimes cause motion sickness. The field of view is an option in the graphical settings that can help remedy this. It’s particularly important in first-person games, as these are the ones where you need to be able to see around you. Widening the field of view too far may cause some bending of light around the edges and will also lead to lower performance, so make sure you adjust it carefully.

Lower Particle Effects

Particle effects are a form of in-game physics used to simulate things like fire, smoke, water, and others that involve lots of little particles and their interactions. Although this can make the game look more realistic, particularly for some areas, it has a big effect on performance. Realistic particle effects require a lot of processing power, as the physics for each individual particle has to be calculated. By lowering the effects, you may reduce the graphical quality, but there’s a good chance it will be relatively unnoticeable while you’ll also increase the performance.

Check VSync

VSync, otherwise known as vertical sync, affects how the graphics card and your monitor communicate, removing the potential for out-of-sync frames during refreshing. Although this is usually a positive thing, it does come with some downsides that mean not everyone is a fan of this feature. The first of these downsides is that it adds some input lag, meaning you see the events in the game slightly after they happen. For online games, this can cause an issue, as your reactions will be slower than most other players. The other downside is that it can lower the number of frames per second your monitor is capable of displaying, making the game look less smooth. You can turn VSync on or off depending on which you prefer.

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