Keeping the Halloween hype train going, it’s only fitting we put out a countdown of some of the scariest, sexiest video game villains out there. While this time of year has always been about the fear factor, it truly isn’t possible to separate it from excitement and appeal. Villains especially tend to embody these characteristics better than any other group, eliciting fear from their actions and capabilities, but often times strikingly attractive. Whether it’s their looks or power that make them sexy, that depends on the person, but their are definitely some villains out there that most would have a common attraction towards.

10) Reaper – Overwatch 

A half-dead, homocidal maniac in a post-war future, dawning a long black cloak and skull inspiried mask, Reaper is more than deserving of being on this list. Being that he’s a real harbinger of death, with monster thighs, and practically growls when he speaks, it’s hard not to find him attractive. While we can only wonder about what he looks like under that mask currently, not knowing may just serve to be apart of his appeal.

9) Mileena – Mortal Kombat

The result of a genetic experiement, Mileena and her beautiful set of sharp, pearly whites were created to be a hybrid clone of her sister, Kitana. While mostly humanoid, attributed to her Edenian side, the Tarkatan side of her makes her a frightening and efficient beast in battle. If you’re unfamiliar with the brutality of her finishers, in one she disembowls her opponent, skewers them with her hand, then pulls their face out through their chest.

8) Pyramid Head – Silent Hill

A horror game villain that’s frequently lusted over, and it’s unsurprising to see why. While initially placed in the Silent Hill series as a means of expressing the profound issues of James Sutherland, the protagonist in Silent Hill 2, it’s clear as a crowd favorite that they kept him around. A humanoid with rippling muscles, and the ability to swing around a sword as big as his, you know he’s strong and dominating. Wearing a mask that obscures as much as it does is a plus for many people, finding the mystery in his appearance alluring.

7) Widowmaker – Overwatch

Having been kidnapped, brainwashed, and turned into a sleeper agent for the same terrorist organization that Reaper works for, Talon, Widowmaker killed her husband and became a cold killer. While it may seem that she has little agency in what has happened to her life, she seems to take pride in it, and expresses how absolutely alive she feels at the moment of a kill. Lithe, graceful, and undeniably sexy, it’s hard to not be attracted to a maneater like her.

6) Ganondorf – Legend of Zelda 

The main protagonist in the Legends of Zelda franchise, Ganondorf is a force to be reckoned with. A being gifted with impressive magic and King of the Gerudo, he has great aspirations and claims to want to rule the world. He weilds the strongest artifact in their world, the Triforce of Power, which grants him immortality and great power. A wielder of dark magic with a wish to dominate, there’s no denying he’s evil, but these aspects of him can also make him seriously desirable.

5) Sephiroth – Final Fantasy 

The result of an experiment infusing human cells with that of a long lost alien conquerer, Sephiroth was bred to be a super soldier, but ended up as an agent of violence. His alien genes made him impossibly fast, strong, and smart and granted him dark, magical abilities that gave him power over the elements.  He’s arrogant and unhinged but not totally out of line for despising the people that made him and wanted to use him. This in itself is understandable, but where he has some irredeemable faults are in his desire to become his alien “mother”; to destroy this world then leave it and conquer others. While definitely crazy, he’s undeniably attractive and under the condition you could change his mind about the whole destroying the world thing, he could be a very protective partner.

4) Dracula – Castlevania

Count Dracula Vlad Ţepeş was once a human man who loved his wife, Elisabetha, deeply. While away fighting in a war, she perished having caught some sort of illness. Distraught and despaired by loss, he blamed God for letting someone as sweet and innocent as her die while he lived. From then, he vowed to make God pay by becoming immortal and unable to take part in God’s games.

After achieving immortality by becoming a vampire, hefound solace in another woman, Lisa, with whom he had a child. When she too died, crucified for having been falsely accused of witchcraft, Dracula became only more radicalized in his beliefs and promised death to humanity, making him the antagonist for most of the Castlevania games. His love for his wives, vampiric physiology, and knowledge of the mystic arts makes him incredibly attractive. What can I say? Popular media’s obsession with vampires isn’t at all unwarranted.

3) Sarah Kerrigan – Starcraft 

A woman who has taken far too many forms, her most popular one is definitely that in which she is infested by a hiveminded species of alien called the Zerg, and dubbed the Queen of Blades. Having been born with psionic powers she had taken on positions with multiple different groups, first as an assassin for a group called the Terran Confederacy, then as a rebel against the Terran Confederacy for a group called the Sons of Korhal, and then as the Queen of Blades after being abducted and transformed by the Zerg. At that point she finally found an allegience that suited her and fought for the supremacy of the Zerg.

While she did kill scores of people and was undeniably violent in her nature, it was never as simple as calling her evil and killing without reason. This by no means makes her a good person, but gives her nuance and level of relatability, as opposed to seeing her as just an attractive and terrifying monster.

2) Viego – League of Legends

After an assassination attempt that was meant to take his life took that of his one true love Isolde, he did everything he could to find a way to bring her back to life, including decimating an entire kingdom, the Blessed Isles, for the cure for death. He got the cure, but was left with a wife who had become a furious wraith, who in her anger struck him through the heart with his blade creating a wave of energy so powerful it turned the whole of the ruined kingdom into a shadowy place of the undead.

Himself now apart of the undead, still seeks a means of bringing her back to him no matter the cost. Knowing all this, with his god-like physique and the endless love he has for his wife, few can deny wanting a partner as devoted as him—just perhaps with fewer atrocities commited.

1) Alcina Dimetrescu – Resident Evil Village

Arguably one of the most well beloved video game villains given the response to her image and story as portrayed in Resident Evil Village, Lady Dimitrescu is rightfully in the number one spot on this list. A woman of noble birth, having been taken under the wing of a neopagan cult that worshipped an organism in the form of a mass of mold called the Black God, Lady Dimitrescu was subjected to an experiment where a mold infected parasite was implanted into her body. It’s thanks to this that she was mutated, giving us the voluptuous, statuesque, claw wielding, blood drinking, monster of a woman we see here.

Sadistic, and willing to throw away the live’s of others with little to no remorse, she only truly seems to care about her daughters and the desires of the cult. While undeniably evil, she is still incredibly sexy, a sentiment shared by many.

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