Hulkbuster and Ultron getting their own figures in Disney Infinity 3.0

Disney Interactive is set to come back strong with Disney Infinity 3.0, one of the biggest draw in points with the new game is the Star Wars content which is set to cover much of the Star Wars story including the original trilogy, the better trilogy and Clone Wars, but that is not all. The game is also set to include many other Disney properties, such as Tron and Inside Out, but even more worth noting is the return to Marvel which was a key part of the previous game. Where Disney Infinity 2.0 failed to deliver a fun superhero experience, 3.0 is set to give it another shot with a playset inspired by Marvel’s Avenger’s Age of Ultron. This means we will be seeing Ultron as well as the awesome Hulkbuster, better still both characters will get their own figure, even the Hulkbuster. Unlike my previous thoughts, Hulkbuster will not just be an enhanced in game unlockable for Iron Man and will be its own character.

In regards to the inclusion within Disney Infinity 3.0, Bill Rosemann, creative director for Marvel Games had this to say:

“We selected Ultron and Hulkbuster very deliberately because we knew the reaction to them was so strong. People would want to experience these characters in the Infinity format.”

In Disney Infinity 3.0, Ultron possesses an ability to summon bots from the ground to attack enemies. He can also take advantage of a “wave of destruction” energy blast that can be performed at long range, and his command over gravity allows him to magnetically pull foes close and then shoot them point blank.

Speaking with USA Today, Jeff Bunker, art director for Avalanche/Disney Interactive Studios, has said that Hulkbuster is “about as big and bad as they get.” Sounds pretty awesome, hopefully it will turn out to be better then Disney Infinity’s 2.0 failed attempt with the Marvel Universe.


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