Hyrule Warriors Darunia Details

Over the past couple of days I have passed along several details in regards to the upcoming Hyrule Warriors, Siliconera has published a new story based on Darunia one of the newest announcements for Hyrule Warriors. There are a number of details featured about Darunia in the story and I have rounded them up for you below:

– About the same speed as Link
– His attacks appear to have more impact on screen, but since most enemies fall after a few hits it’s unclear how much more damage Darunia does
– Can use a speedy rolling attack in which he bowls enemies up
– Darunia will continue to roll and scoop up more enemies if you keep mashing the attack button
– Darunia can also use a giant hammer with a wide swing
– His special move is an over the head slam
– Demo starts off with Darunia, Link and Impa in the Eldin Volcano which is full of baby Stalfos
– Regular enemies pose little to no threat in Hyrule Warriors; instead you knock out the leader
– In this case, the leader is a larger Stalfos classified as a Keep Guard or a Lizalfos
– After a leader falls, morale for the Hyrulian Army rises and the small fry enemies just wander around
– Darunia had bombs equipped
– These can be used to open a secret path
– The path is obscured by a wall which looked like any other wall inside the volcano
– Breaking it down makes it easier to roll to the next checkpoint
– Main goal in the level is to escort Bombchus to stone spires
– Bombchus automatically move to their destination
– They do stop if they run into a wave of enemies
– After bringing one Bombchu to the right spot Hyrule Warriors played the classic Legend of Zelda puzzle solving chine and the Bombchu detonated
– Another area has you fighting a Poe
– The Poe can teleport out of danger
– You’ll also find a Wizzro enemy
– Wizzro throws a spread of purple orbs
– When you fill the focus meter with Darunia, your attack power goes up and Darunia gets “super armor” since he can’t be hit stunned by enemies
– Focus also changes your special attack into a more powerful move
– Darunia does a little dance at the end
– Sheik shows up and talks about going to Faron Woods
– Darunia has a treasure chest animation where he peeks inside and holds the item towards the sky just like Link
– Weapons like the bombs and boomerang can be powered up by picking up an item drop
– As previously mentioned, the powered up boomerang is the Gale Boomerang
– Throwing this will knock out smaller enemies
– The regular boomerang only stuns enemies
– The bow fires a single arrow that does a small amount of damage
– It is possible to kill a leader by sniping
– The powered up bow is the Light Bow and it shoots five arrows in a spread
– This build won’t be playable at Comic-Con, but attendees can try Midna

Source: Silicorona

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