Indie Hit Gris Reaches One Million Sales

Spanish indie developer Nomada Studios has taken to Twitter to celebrate an exciting milestone. Gris, their action platformer title initially released in December 2018, has officially reached one million sales.

In their Tweet, Nomada thanked their families, the game’s fans, and publisher Devolver Digital. The Twitter announcement also featured new, celebratory official art of the game’s titular main character and one of the Polygon Forest creatures celebrating amid a storm of colorful confetti.

Fans of Gris responded to the tweet with congratulations, fan art and professions of their love for the game and its story.

Gris, which translates to “gray” in Spanish, was originally released in December 2018 for the Nintendo Switch, Microsoft Windows, and macOS. iOS, Android, and Playstation 4 versions followed in 2019.

Players control a girl named Gris as she explores various worlds and traverses unique levels in order to restore color to the world. It deals with deep, personal themes such as overcoming trauma and facing down your inner darkness. Gris’s powers, gained throughout her journey, include the ability to turn into stones, the ability to control constellations and, most significantly, the ability to sing.

Gris received extremely positive reviews, being favorable compared to other surreal, atmospheric games such as Journey. It became especially known for its beautiful art, beginning in monochrome gray but gradually exploding into a rainbow of hues as Gris restores color to her world. It was nominated for a number of awards, ultimately winning the Game Developer’s Choice Award for Best Art and the 2019 Game Awards “Games for Impact” honor.

Gris is Nomada Studio’s first game. They have not yet announced any upcoming titles, although fans are eagerly awaiting their next project.

What did you think of Gris? Have you played it yet – and, if you haven’t, will you be checking it out? Let us know!

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