Animal Crossing: New Horizons Datamine Hints at Exciting New Features

There’s already so much to do in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, but it looks like even more could be coming in the future! Animal Crossing fan Ninji, who had previously datamined the process for upgrading your Nook’s Cranny store, has taken a look through the code of the game’s most recent 1.1.4 version and discovered some fascinating and tantalizing hints.

As Ninji points out on his Twitter, just because something appears in the game’s code does not necessarily mean it will be implemented in the future. Some of the code may remain unused. There are also no indications within the data regarding when each piece of new content will be dropped. Some of it might be connected to the upcoming Earth Day event, while others might be weeks or even months away.

If you want to avoid potential spoilers for Animal Crossing: New Horizons, do not read beyond this point. But if you’re curious to know what might be coming to your island in future updates, take a look!

Ninji’s most recent datamine uncovered the following information:

    • Entries exist for two additional upgrades to Blathers’ museum. These also feature an “Art” section, which is not included in the current version of the museum.
    • There are two standalone buildings related to the museum: the Cafe and the Store. The Cafe also includes a section featuring Gyroids.
    • Character database includes Redd the fox, an art dealer who does not currently appear in New Horizons. There is also an indication that players will be able to gift items to Redd.
    • Redd’s entries also indicate that he will have a boat, a unique beach for docking this boat, and a shop to sell his wares, including the fake art he tricked players within previous installments of the Animal Crossing series.
    • There are entries for new plants and vegetables for planting and harvesting. Ninji indicated on Twitter that the types of bushes and veggies have changed between the 1.0.0 and 1.14 version, so it cannot be said with any confidence which will ultimately appear in the game. However, some featured on the lists include azalea, hibiscus, holly, and camellia (bushes) and tomatoes, pumpkins, wheat and sugar cane (plants).
    • The Critterpedia features an entry for “Seafood,” which contains 32 unreleased items as well as the Manila Clam, which currently exists in the game.
    • There is a “Diving” mechanic, which allows players to obtain seaweed and a different set of fish than those found when performing the Fishing activity.
    • Shopping interfaces exist for “Gardening,” “Real Estate,” and “Gallery” in addition to the previously mentioned “Museum Shop”.
    • “Art” and “Dish” type items are included alongside existing items, such as clothing and home decor.
    • Nintendo’s ‘store play report’ function includes options to obtain and store cooking and clothing-crafting recipes.

Unfortunately, Ninji also mentioned that Nintendo has become more careful regarding how items and locations are labeled within the game’s unreleased data. For example, “FlowerBush” is now “FlBu,” and the entry previously reading “TsunekichiShop” (“Tsunekichi” is the Japanese name of the character Redd) now says simply “TShop.” This has led to Ninji uncovering other mysterious listings such as “WOffice.” Fans have already begun speculation eagerly what these listings could mean.

Of course, nobody can be sure when these updates might be coming, or if some of them will be released at all. But in the meantime, it’s undoubtedly fun to theorize about what might be coming up in New Horizons’ future!

Which items from this datamine would you most like to see implemented? What else do you hope to see coming to New Horizons later this year? Let us know!

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